Eat Fish And Die – Free on April Fools’ Day

For all you cheap tightwads out there, you’ll be happy to know that my short story, “Eat Fish And Die” will be free on Kindle throughout April Fools’ day.

Remember, you –the esteemed reader– can get some inkling whether or not my next novel, VOODOO ROBOT CHILI, will be funny.  Just read “Eat Fish And Die” (being that it’s  free, you won’t be sacrificing too much on this less-than- scientific experiment.) If you’re still not laughing, then we’ve determined one of two things:

A. My next book is probably not going to be very funny. Or….

B. You don’t have a sense of humor– and you’re a tightwad.

So get out that Kindle and download a copy. No excuse! And don’t forget to put your review in Amazon. Let me know what you really think, (keeping in mind that this request is limited to those people who like it).

Happy April Fools’


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