Military SF Comedy – The Under-Served Genre Blend

Someone recently referred to military science fiction comedy as: “an extremely under-served genre blend”.  Yeah, I’d say that sums it up.

But why is that? Off the tip of my pointy skull, I believe that standard military SF (without the giggly bits) is too serious at times. Way too serious…

Sir! Yes, Sir!

As example let me tell you about a writer acquaintance of mine, Gini Koch. She wrote a story where the details of a Glock handgun were– how can one say? A bit off. You did know that an external safety exists on the Glock right? Wrong! Go directly to jail; do not pass go; do not collect $200. And as you can imagine: violent protests ensued, along with vicious flame-mail hot enough to cook off a few rounds.

This sort of thing annoys me. Hell, it would annoy anyone. It’s precisely why I chose to write mil SF comedy. I figure it takes the edge off, and allows me to have some fun without having to worry about Major General so-and-so haranguing me about the fact that a M249 holds a max of 200 rounds through a chain fed box magazine, and further, that my story had a character shoot 300 rounds, which means that I’m a no good 7u@kin6 4-hole that needs to die in hell.


Okay, not everyone has that much caffein in their system, but you get my drift.


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