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Eat Fish And Die – Free on Kindle Select

Eat Fish and Die on KindleMy Mil SF short story, “Eat Fish And Die” will be FREE (all caps to get noticed by you tightwads out there) on Kindle this Saturday to celebrate Flag Day, Father’s Day and Bunker Hill Day. Do you even care about Bunker Hill Day? Neither do I, just don’t get it confused with Archie Bunker Day, where you sit around on your porch making rude remarks at people as they walk by. What could be more fun?

Anyway, save yourself a whopping 99 cents, and pat yourself on the back. You can even celebrate by going to the bar and drinking yourself into a royal stupor. You will of course have spent much more money chugging beers, but so many braincells will have died in the process, you won’t remember what happened.


Eat Fish And Die – Free on Kindle Select

My short story, “Eat Fish And Die” will be free on Kindle this Friday and Saturday for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Not only will you bust a gut reading this, but all you penny-pinching, skinflint, cheapskate, tightwads out there can now save a whopping 99 cents.


If you don’t like being called a tightwad and want to pay the 99 cents before the sale, that’s perfectly okay. You will have elevated your status to that of, frugal miser. Congratulations!

Eat Fish And Die – Free on April Fools’ Day

For all you cheap tightwads out there, you’ll be happy to know that my short story, “Eat Fish And Die” will be free on Kindle throughout April Fools’ day.

Remember, you –the esteemed reader– can get some inkling whether or not my next novel, VOODOO ROBOT CHILI, will be funny.  Just read “Eat Fish And Die” (being that it’s  free, you won’t be sacrificing too much on this less-than- scientific experiment.) If you’re still not laughing, then we’ve determined one of two things:

A. My next book is probably not going to be very funny. Or….

B. You don’t have a sense of humor– and you’re a tightwad.

So get out that Kindle and download a copy. No excuse! And don’t forget to put your review in Amazon. Let me know what you really think, (keeping in mind that this request is limited to those people who like it).

Happy April Fools’

Bill the Galactic Hero – By Harry Harrison

Bill the Galactic Hero

Here is a book that is seldom read these days. Bill the Galactic Hero, by Harry Harrison. It’s a satyrical look at the military, couched in a zany futuristic world where mankind is pitted against a race of small alien lizards called, the Chingers.

It’s an important novel because it represents a particular sub-genre of science fiction. Namely, the military SF comedy. There are many military SF novels about, but ones that attempt humor are rare. And if it’s not fair to say rare, then I’d venture to say it’s rare to see one done well.

So what about Bill the Galactic Hero, and what makes it so special? It’s one of the early novels of its class, and well constructed with good pacing and fun dialog. More importantly, it takes a very satirical gibe at the industrial military complex, which — many would agree — is probably its most endearing quality.

The issue I have with it — and probably the point where there is some disagreement — is about how funny it is. I myself never laughed out loud while reading it. However, the situations that the protagonist (Bill) finds himself in are so bizarre, one can only smile. Even if you don’t laugh, one is compelled to read on.

To be fair, this book was published in 1965, and is based on Harrison’s experience in the military during WWII. Much of its humor now falls upon ignorant ears. Mine especially. However, with ample use of Wiki to research what the book is making fun of, it is possible to extract greater meaning.

Sadly, there are few books like this that have been published. Why, might you ask? I have no good explanation other than to say it’s damn hard. But one thing is clear. Harrison distinguished himself above the rest for his attempt.

He truly was a great writer.

A New Blog is Born

Hold your horses! My first post will be released on Sunday. In the meantime, read about my new book in my…uhm…”About The Novel” page? The tab for that is right up there, on the top of this page 🙂 Or you can read other things I’ve posted on my blog dedicated to my first novel, Freedom Club.