About The Novel

Voodoo Robot Chili is a humorous  military science fiction novel by me, S. Ron Mars, not yet published. Hotspur Publishing currently has the book out for submission, but in this business I can expect antigravity to be invented before the book is sold. Still, ya never know.

This book is my second novel, and as such, one would assume it’s better than my first…

Sadly, that remains just an assumption.

However I’ll let you –the esteemed reader– decide. You don’t even have to buy this book to find out. Just get one of my serialized short stories from, “Eat Fish and Die”, and see for yourself. (Each book on Kindle runs at about 99 cents, so unless you’re a real tightwad, you won’t be sacrificing too much on this less-than-scientific experiment.) Anyway, take a read. If you’re still not laughing, then we’ve determined one of two things:

A. My book is probably not very funny. Or….

B. You don’t have a sense of humor– and you’re out 99 cents.

For those people who are really too cheap to test things out…well, you’re stuck taking my word for it. It’s very funny. There!

So what’s the book about? The story takes place in a far-flung but
way-too-probable future, chockfull of zany characters who could be Satan’s
poster children for massive brain stem damage. Using the Iran Contra scandal
as a template for the belligerence, malice, and self-serving behavior of our
not-so distant descendants (which serves us right for not making better use of
birth control), it’s a satirical look at politics past, present, future and
possibly sideways. But don’t expect too much philosophy. Don’t expect ANY
philosophy. If you do…well, don’t read my book. Note, I didn’t say don’t BUY the book.  Just don’t read it…uhm…and/or adjust your expectations accordingly if you take a peek.

In its pages, you can expect to see a future where mankind is violent,
greedy and pathetically bad at civic and military planning. Sound familiar? In other words, it’s a future pretty much like the last 43 presidential administrations (44 if you count Grover Cleveland twice– look it up in wiki if you have doubts).

So if you like books that take a stab at the military-industrial complex; if
you enjoyed Bill The Galactic Hero by Harry Harrison, Phule’s Company by
Robert Asprin, and/or the Retief stories by Keith Laumer; if you like those
crunchy little cheese curls that turn your fingers orange when you eat them,
you should read this book.

Everybody else should too. The author doesn’t need the money– it’s an ego thing.